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NFL Power Rankings, Week 12: Aggregate Rankings For Jets, Giants

The Real Clear Sports aggregate NFL Power Rankings for Week 12 are pretty closely aligned with the SB Nation NFL Power Rankings released earlier this week.

Real Clear Sports takes the power rankings from major mainstream and blog sources across the Internet and averages them.

Using that method the New York Jets are the NFL’s No. 3 team, per Real Clear Sports. The Jets are ranked No. 1 by FOX and The Sporting News, and as low as No. 5 by AOL Fanhouse.

The New York Giants, No. 12 in the SB Nation rankings, come at No. 10 overall. AOL Fanhouse also puts the Giants at No. 12. Pro Football Talk puts the Giants at No. 9, highest of any of the power rankings.

The Jets host the Cincinnati Bengals Thursday night. The Giants host the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.