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Braylon Edwards Criticizes 'Arrogance' Of Jets Wide Receivers

The New York Jets 9-0 loss to the Green Bay Packers Sunday was filled with dropped passes by the team's wide receivers. Well, one of those receivers, Braylon Edwards, is not too happy with his teammates.

Edwards noted a sense of "arrogance" among Jet receivers Monday and felt they needed to return to fundamentals and see the ball into their hands. He also deemed the two pass plays in which tight end Dustin Keller and wideout Jerricho Cotchery were stripped of the balls after ostensibly securing receptions, "super flukish plays."

"It looked like they did everything that they were supposed to do," Edwards said.

Edwards, meanwhile, caught one pass for 32 yards. Edwards was told he was targeted only four times in the game.

"Was it that many?" Edwards said.

A few weeks ago, New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle went on radio and took his teammates to task after what he felt was a lackadaisical effort in a loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Jets fans can hope Edwards' critique has the same type of impact.