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NFL Picks, Week 11: Trying To Have Faith In Giants, Jets

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Well, Week 10 was my first losing one since I began making NFL predictions three weeks ago. I went an OK 2-3 (I mean, shoot, who say the Broncos laying a 49-29 pasting on Kansas City?). Oh, sure you did. Anyway, I am back to try my hand at NFL Week 11 predictions.

As usual, I will do the New York Giants and New York Jets games, then pick three other games I like.

Giants (+3) at Eagles: The Eagles are the flavor of the week after dismantling Washington, 59-28, in record-setting fashion Monday night. The Giants, however, were the flavor of the week just a week ago when most 'experts' were calling them the NFC's best team. I think the Giants tug -- hard -- on Superman's cape this week and come away with a victory. Pick: Giants

Jets (-5) vs. Texans: The Jets have won a pair of tight games the past two weeks, including an overtime victory over Cleveland last week. Lucky or good? Doesn't really matter, the Jets are rolling along at 7-2. It's been a while since the Jets have had a dominant game, and I think this is the week it happens. Pick: Jets

Oakland (+9) at Pittsburgh: This is a lot of points for Pittsburgh to be giving, even if they are at home. The 5-4 Raiders are coming off a bye and have won three straight. The Steelers have lost two of three, including a 39-26 defeat at the hands of the New England Patriots last weekend. The Steelers probably win, but it won't be easy. Pick: Raiders

Lions (+7) at Cowboys: Dallas goes from a 1-7 laughingstock to a 7-seven point favorite at home after one victory? The Lions haven't won on the road since, oh, I don't know, the Stone Age, I think. But the Lions are improving young team. I think this is a close one. Pick: Lions

Atlanta (-3) at St. Louis: Sorry, Spags, you and the 4-5 St. Louis Rams are not real contenders. The 7-2 Falcons are. I think that difference shows up Sunday. Pick: Falcons

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Last Week: 2-3
Season Record: 8-7