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Grading Out Jets/Browns

Quarterback (A) - What was that about a sophomore slump or Mark Sanchez being the reason the Jets can't win a Super Bowl in 2010? The stats were pretty nice (27/44, 299 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT, 1 rushing TD) but you needed to watch this game to appreciate how often Sanchez got out of the trouble and stepped up in a big spot with a clutch play. When the spot gets bigger, Sanchez consistently plays better. He also demonstrated his toughness by playing and playing well through his calf injury. If the Jets are in a tight game late, there is no reason not to be confident that #6 can't get the job done.

Running Backs (A-) - This is what we've been waiting to see, a little old school ground and pound from the Jets two headed monster at running back. Shonn Greene ran hard all game with 72 yards on 20 carries and looked capable in the passing attack finally. LaDainian Tomlinson added another 110 total yards and hopefully will settle into a 1B option at running back the rest of the year, along with being the team's third down back.

Wide Receivers (A) - Santonio Holmes is about as clutch as it gets in the NFL at wide receiver. He has added a dimension to this offense that I have never seen since I began watching the team. I can't say enough about the play Jerricho Cotchery made in overtime by making a leaping catch on one leg after pulling his groin. It is a shame that he is going to miss a few games now because he looked to settle in his role as the #3 WR with 3 big catches for 43 yards and a touchdown. Braylon Edwards quietly had another productive game (4 receptions, 59 yards). Brad Smith did well in an expanded role in the Tiger formation with 39 rushing yards but will now need to assume more reps at traditional receiver because of Cotchery's injury.

TIght Ends (C) - A quiet day for Dustin Keller with 3 receptions for 25 yards on 9 targets.

Offensive Line (A-) - They get a bump in the grade for not missing a beat when Rob Turner replaced Matt Slauson. The pass protection was just okay but I liked the push they were getting in the running game. I do think Turner is more than capable of holding the fort down if Slauson has to miss a game or two.

Defensive Line (B) - They were solid against the run overall, holding Peyton Hillis to 82 yards. The pass rush still remains completely non-existent from this group though. Another game with zero stats recorded from Vernon Gholston and Trevor Pryce...the Jets need more from their depth players at this spot.

Linebackers (B) - I do know that Calvin Pace and Jason Taylor each recorded a sack. However, you are kidding yourself if you think this pass rush is anywhere near where it needs to be. David Harris and Bart Scott weren't as active as usual, yet they get credit for solid work against Cleveland's running game.

Secondary (C) - I am taking this out on Eric Smith and Jim Leonhard who are getting beat like a drum every week by opposing team's tight ends. Darrelle Revis was beat by backup tight end Evan Moore in a big spot. James Ihedigbo recorded a sack. Kyle Wilson looked capable as the nickel back.

Special Teams (D) - What the Folk? I hope he got all the misses out of his system yesterday. Wilson and Leonhard were good on punt returns, as each had a 18 yard return.

Coaching (C+) - I didn't like the decision not to go for the win at the end of regulation. This team should always aggressively be playing for the win. Brian Schottenheimer did a good (gasp) job with the play-calling yesterday.