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Rex Ryan Feels His Team Is The Best In The NFL

It’s been nearly two weeks since the New York Jets last took to the field. A little rest and extra preparation is always welcomed mid-season, but the Jets were on a nice roll heading into their Bye Week having won five consecutive games since narrowly dropping their opener to the Baltimore Ravens.

Ryan is not overly concerned about his team being rusty coming out of the week off when they travel to Lambeau Field to play the Green Bay Packers. On Wednesday, Ryan joined The Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio to candidly talk about what his team was up to during the week off, Darrelle Revis’ injury situation, and how he thinks the Jets are the cream of the crop in the NFL (full transcript via SRI).

On what he did during the bye week:

“I actually went to South Carolina for a couple days. It was good to get away a little bit. And I went to the 10-year Super Bowl reunion for the Ravens. They had a little party for all the guys and stuff for all the guys on Saturday night. That was a good thing to go to. It just put a little more gas on the fire, realizing how special that group was and thinking ahead of how special I think this team is that we’ve got right now.”

On the Jets’ momentum:

“As far as getting momentum off a victory and all that kind of stuff, we have a lot of momentum right now because our guys are fresh. The bye week, granted you want to keep going when you’ve got a win streak going, but right now our guys are fresh and [Green Bay] is going to be getting our guys at full strength.”

On whether the Jets are the best team in the NFL right now:

“I believe we are the best team in the NFL. We’ve felt that way the whole season. We got beat by Baltimore by a point, I understand that, but I think we’re just getting better and better as the weeks go on and we’re finding ways to win. We expect to win and we’re just getting it done right now and that’s the encouraging thing. We’re not playing our best football yet. I think our best football’s ahead of us and that’s why, with confidence, I do feel we are the best team in the league.”