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Darrelle Revis, Calvin Pace Will Travel To Denver, But Might Not Play

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has said all week that he, not Darrelle Revis, will make the decision on if the star cornerback will play against the Denver Broncos this weekend unlike last weekend when Revis decided for himself that he would play even though it showed that he wasn’t completely healthy.

Step one is complete, though, as Ryan has decided both Revis and Calvin Pace will travel with the team when they head to Denver for their meeting this weekend.

“After talking to Darrelle and all that, we’re going to take him to Denver, one way or the other, because he wants to be with his team, whether he can play or not,” Ryan said. “And that’s where I want him, also. Hopefully he’ll be ready to play.”

When asked if the same plan stood for Pace, Ryan said: “Yeah, both of them will make the trip.”

If both are able to play, at full-strength, this certainly makes the Jets defense stronger.