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NFL Week 6: Jets At Broncos - Checking In With Rex Ryan

After staving off a late rally by the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football, it’s right back to work for the 4-1 New York Jets. Rex Ryan’s team heads to Denver this coming Sunday to take on the 2-3 Denver Broncos in a game the Broncos very much need to win. Ryan joined The Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio on Tuesday to talk about the roller-coaster victory against the Vikings, Darrelle Revis’ injury status, and how he feels about the team and its performance through five weeks.

Whether there is anything that he feels the team needs to improve on:

“Certainly we gave up too many good plays against our defense and I think that obviously was poor. We have got to do a better job, still on 3rd down we had the numbers in our favor and we gave up two big passes. One on a 3rd and 19, and one on a 3rd and 17. Once we get that straightened out we’re going to be just fine.”

Whether Darrelle Revis is going to be able to play this week:

“We definitely hope so but at this time I have really no idea. We will see how he is tomorrow, see how he feels but right now I have no idea.”

Whether it would make sense to sit him this week considering they have a bye week after this week and he would have almost 3 weeks rest:

“Well I mean if he is healthy and ready to go and we need to win games. Obviously if Darrelle can go we need him out there, just like we need everybody else. If he is ready to play than that’s what we need to do. What is in the best interest of the team? What’s in the best interest of the individual? But clearly if he is not healthy than obviously he wont be making the trip.”

Whether he would agree if Darrelle Revis was in training camp that he wouldn’t be getting injured as often as he is:

“Well I think it is easy to say right now that it definitely would not be happening, but again, things happen in this league, strange things, and you look at, unfortunately Kris Jenkins. I mean the guy did everything that we asked in the offseason through training camp and everything else then after 5 minutes into the first game of the season he is lost for the year. Unfortunately that is part of a business. Normally in a situation like this, and a muscle pull, and things like that, you are in better shape coming out of training camp than obviously if you’re just working out on your own.”