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Jets Look To Continue Impressive Streak Of Ball Security

Even though the defense has yet to fully live up to expectations, the New York Jets have to feel very good about how they've played through the first five weeks of the 2010 NFL season. Not only has Rex Ryan's bunch rebounded nicely in the win column after losing to the Baltimore Ravens in their season opener, they've fared exceptionally well in the one statistical category that is widely thought to be the most important - the turnover battle.

Credit second-year quarterback Mark Sanchez for his sound decision making, as well as the Jets ball carriers and playmakers for not coughing it up. The Jets have been so good securing the ball that they're in historic company.

Team Turnovers Through Five Games Turnovers in Sixth Game
1960 Cleveland Browns 1 3
1998 Cincinnati Bengals 1 1
2008 Washington Redskins 1 3
2010 New York Jets 1 ???