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New York Jets No. 1 In SB Nation NFL Power Rankings

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-- See Gang Green Nation for Jets discussion and Big Blue View for Giants discussion

The New York Jets are the No. 1 football team in all the land -- at least according to the newly-released SB Nation NFL Power Rankings.

The Jets moved into the top spot (they were No. 3 last week) after a 29-20 victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Here is what had to say about Gang Green.

The Jets dominated the Vikings until the second half on Monday night. With a healthy Darrelle Revis on one side and Antonio Cromartie on the other side, Rex Ryan's blitzing ability is lethal.

What a week to be a Jets fan! A whipping of Favre, No. 1 in the rankings. Heady stuff. As long as it doesn't go to the Jets heads.

The New York Giants are also moving up in the rankings, and they now sit at No. 12 after Sunday's beatdown of the Houston Texans -- in Texas. Here is what says about Big Blue.

Remember when New York was about to meltdown because the Giants couldn't win? Yeah that was a long time ago. They're not in a three-way tie for first in the NFC East.

It is nice that the Giants have moved up from 16th a week ago, and somewhere in the low 20s two weeks ago. I have a problem with this rank, though.

In the last two weeks the Giants have issued thorough whippings to both the Chicago Bears and the Texans. How, then, can the Texans be No. 9 and the Bears be No. 10? Sorry, but I' not buying that at all.