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New York Jets 29, Minnesota Vikings 20: Post-Game Quotebook

Here are some post-game quotes following the New York Jets’ 29-20 victory over the Minnesota Vikings Monday night.

Jets linebacker Bart Scott on the end of the game.

It was getting scary out there man. Mark (Sanchez) was starting to feel it. They have a great quarterback (Brett Favre). That team has a lot of grit and great players and we knew it was going to be a championship mentality and we were not able to capitalize on some of the plays we made earlier to put them away. You let a team like that hang around and he (Favre) keeps slinging the ball to Moss (Randy), it can get real interesting. … We knew that he is a gun slinger and he might throw us one. We planned our technique and believed in it and Dwight (Lowery) was the hero.

Vikings coach Brad Childress.

This was a disappointing loss. We were a good football team playing another good football team. Thirteen points in turnovers is all you need to know in a closely contested game. (That is) not good enough and it starts with me. I didn’t think we were ready coming out of the locker room to play this football game.

Jets cornerback Dwight Lowery on his game-clinching interception and touchdown.

I really can’t describe it. I haven’t ever been in (that) situation before. It’s all really new, so I’m just trying to take it lightly. I made a play and (now it’s time to) go back to work. That’s kind of how I feel. … I just played what I felt, played what I saw and made a break on the ball. The pressure got there and he had to hold the ball a split second more than what he probably wanted to and the rest was

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan.

That’s a heck of a win. That’s a tough opponent right there and this was a championship-type game. We had a team that went to the NFC Championship against a team that went to the AFC Championship. We knew it was going to be a tough game. They have tons of weapons over there. It was going to be a battle to the end. Our challenge to our guys was to keep digging, to dig deep and find a way to get it done. That’s what I’m proud of. We felt confident that we’d win the game, we just didn’t know how. That’svbasically how it went. That field goal kicker we picked up is not bad. Nick Folk did a decent job with five field goals. This is the first time that the Minnesota Vikings have given up over 150 yards rushing in 51 games, so you have to tip your hat to our offensive line. Our running backs did a great job. We had that little clock management issue right before the two-minute (mark). I was like ‘Let’s throw it!,’ but I never thought we’d snap the ball (early). That was a huge, huge problem there, but we overcame it. We’re happy to move on at 4-1. We’re right on schedule. We want to have the best record in the National Football League at the end of the season, and we’re right on pace.