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Nick Mangold And The Jets Ready For Monday Night Showdown With Favre And The Vikings

We’re less than two hours away from kickoff between the New York Jets and the Minnesota VIkings. There are juicy story-lines galore in this one: Brett Favre facing his old team, the Jets; Randy Moss’ first game back with the Minnesota VIkings; the embarrassment enveloping Brett Favre.

Amidst all the big names and sub-plots involved in tonight’s game, you likely won’t hear this name called out too often by the Monday Night Football crew: Nick Mangold, the Jets’ center. Mangold just quietly goes about his business as the quarterback of the Jets’ offensive line. On Monday, the highest-paid center in the league joined The Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio to talk about playing with Favre, the highly-anticipated inter-conference matchup, and other interesting topics.

Whether he liked playing with Brett Favre:

“Yeah, how could you not? I watched him growing up. He is the greatest, if not one of the greatest quarterbacks ever and to have the experience was fantastic.”

Whether Brett Favre was friendly to others or whether he kept to himself:

“You know I think he was as friendly as a 39-year old can be with a bunch of 24-year olds running around. He was a good teammate on the field, obviously because of the age difference, I figure, we didn’t spend too much time off the field.”

Whether the team is a little less excited about the Vikings game because they are not an AFC team:

“Oh you better not believe that. That’s when you get it and when you see a team that was right there for the Super Bowl last year and then you watch them playing I think we are pretty amped up for this game.”