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Jets break NFL rules by delaying Rex Ryan press conference

The New York Jets have broken the NFL's media relations policy by scheduling an end of season press conference for next Tuesday.

Al Bello

The New York Jets have violated the NFL's media relations policy by scheduling a joint press conference with head coach Rex Ryan and owner Woody Johnson next Tuesday.

Under the NFL's media relations policy, teams are required to schedule a press conference with the head coach during the week immediately following the end of the team's season. The purpose of this rule is to respond to fan interest in the conclusion of the team's season.

By violating this rule, the Jets have opened themselves up to disciplinary action from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Under the league's policy, media violations are classified as conduct detrimental to the league.

The team was originally scheduled to hold a press conference on Dec. 31 at 4:45 p.m., ET. However, the club's public relations staff released a statement that announced that the press conference had been postponed until a later date due to an organizational decision.