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49ers vs. Jets: Rex Ryan says 'we got our ass kicked'

The New York Jets were completely embarrassed Sunday against the San Francisco 49ets, losing 34-0 and turning the ball over five times at home. Head coach Rex Ryan has never been one to hide his feelings or mince his words, so after this game, which is up there with the worst losses of his head coaching career, he was bound to say something worth quoting, and he didn't disappoint. From his post-game press conference:

"I was going to say we got our butt kicked, but we got our ass kicked," Ryan said. "We go in and it should be 7-3 at halftime, but instead it's 10-0 because of mistakes we make. Then we come out and turn the ball over four times... Obviously it's unacceptable. We gotta look at it. It starts with the coaches. I've given the players [the day off] Monday and Tuesday."

"They gotta dig deep," Ryan continued. "They gotta look down at themselves. We have to look as coaches as what we're doing, because I've never given up so many rushing yards in my life. So what can we do to help? You can't just say it's poor tackling or this and that. There must be something to it, so we're going to find out. But clearly we're not going to beat anybody when you play like that, like we did today."

The Jets face the 4-0 Texans next week, so they're going to need a massive turnaround to have a chance. Their best player, Darrelle Revis, is out, wide receiver Santonio Holmes may miss the game and Mark Sanchez played another vastly subpar game. These are tough times for the Jets, folks.