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Rex Ryan: 'This is a winning business'


In some corners of the globe -- including this one -- the opinion is that Rex Ryan has tied his future as New York Jets' head coach to the success or failure of quarterback Mark Sanchez. That impression can only be reinforced by Ryan's decision to bench Sanchez last week against the Arizona Cardinals and then re-insert him into the starting lineup Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars despite Greg McElroy's heroics.

Ryan, however, said Thursday that he doesn't see it that way.

"Obviously we need to win. This is a big decision in determining wins and losses, the play of your quarterback a lot of times. No, I don’t feel that my future is tied in with how we do things. Obviously, this is a winning business and I know that," Ryan said. "The one thing I can do to affect my job security is by winning. Everybody wants that. It’s what our fans want. It’s what (Mr. Johnson) wants. It’s what we all want. Obviously, that’s what I want. I think this decision is a big one though, (due to) the fact that there are two positions where you can lose a game fastest in this league, quarterback and cornerback. I have confidence in Mark. I am 100 percent confident in my decision and I believe I got this decision right."

The Jets have, really, butchered their handling of Sanchez and the entire quarterback situation this season with Sanchez, McElroy and Tim Tebow. Ryan and gang Green can soothe that with a late-season run to the playoffs.

If they don't make one, Ryan might well pay the price. No matter who is playing quarterback.