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Greg McElroy: 'No indication' who will start at QB for Jets

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan told the media on Monday that he isn't ready to announce who the team's starting quarterback will be on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Greg McElroy, who would seem to be the favorite after leading the Jets to a victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, insists that he doesn't know, either.

"No indication. (There’s) no information at this point obviously. That’s going to come, I assume, in the next few days," McElroy said. "I know Coach Ryan and Coach Sparano and everybody involved, they’re going to make the decision that’s best for the team. I think we all feel comfortable with their decision and we all are looking forward to what the decision may be."

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McElroy was asked about making a case for being the starter. He chose -- smartly -- to let Sunday's 5-for-7 performance, in which he passed for the game's only touchdown, speak for itself.

"You don’t need to make a case, obviously. There’s no case being made obviously. Coach Ryan will make a decision and he’ll do what’s best for this football team," McElroy said. "He’s a tremendous coach, he has a tremendous vision and he knows exactly what he wants to accomplish. Coach Ryan is the man to make that decision, so there’s no case needed to be made for (any) of us. It’s just going to be Rex’s decision and we’ll deal with it when he decides."