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Greg McElroy? Mark Sanchez? Tim Tebow? Rex Ryan won't say

Rex Ryan said Monday that he is not ready to decide who will start at quarterback for the Jets on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars

Greg McElroy takes a snap Sunday
Greg McElroy takes a snap Sunday

Everybody seems to have an opinion when it comes to who should start at quarterback for the New York Jets on Sunday when they face the Jacksonville Jaguars. In the wake of Sunday's heroics by Greg McElroy in a 7-6 victory over the Arizona Cardinals head coach Rex Ryan is not, however, ready to share his.

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"Right now, I definitely need a little more time to make that decision," Ryan said on Monday. "I'm comfortable and confident with all 3 quarterbacks. I think all three guys have now proven they can win in this league…. But I'll make that decision as the week goes on."

Will it be McElroy, who came off the bench to lead a victory? Will it be Sanchez, who had Ryan's public trust until the third quarter Sunday? Could it possibly be Tim Tebow, whose broken ribs opened the door for McElroy to be part of the active roster?

"I just want to make sure I get all the facts," Ryan later added. "It's a big decision... Obviously, the decision I think has to be made on what gives us the best opportunity to beat Jacksonville…. I want it to be open discussion. So I don’t want to say that there’s a way that I’m definitely leaning. I want to make sure that everybody knows that it’s an open discussion. I want honest feedback."

Personally, I have to believe that McElroy deserves an opportunity. John Butchko at Gang Green Nation agrees with me.

I really don't see how Rex can go to anybody other than Greg McElroy. We have talked plenty about accountability and the message getting sent to the team by certain moves. What kind of a message would it send to the locker room if McElroy came off the bench, won the game, and then was not rewarded with the start this week?

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Honestly it is difficult to see how Ryan has any other choice than to start McElroy. Nobody knows if McElroy can be the long-term answer for the Jets at quarterback. We do know that Sanchez and Tebow aren't, and the Jets are going nowhere playing either of those guys.

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