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Jets reportedly looking at new front office structure

The New York Jets might not fire general manager Mike Tannenbaum, instead opting to restructure their front office to bring in a new GM while retaining Tannenbaum in another role.

The New York Jets will shake up their front office after a dismal season, but perhaps in a more convoluted way than simply firing those currently in charge. Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports that the team intends on keeping current general manager Mike Tannenbaum while bringing in another front office mind to actually serve as GM.

La Canfora writes that the team is looking into restructuring the front office to retain Tannenbaum as a cap specialist. Tannenbaum has served as GM since 2008 and has been with the team since 1997. Many are calling for his firing, but the 43-year-old is reportedly very close with owner Woody Johnson.

The proposed structure might be unique, but it might not be the most effective: first off, Tannenbaum's negotiations are why the team is in major cap difficulty, with the team strapped into several huge financial commitments over the next several season despite having little success. Secondly, potential GM candidates might be turned off by having to share responsibility with Tannenbaum.

The Jets have reportedly already begun looking into candidates to take front office roles.