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Braylon Edwards: 'No way' he thought he would return to Jets

Braylon Edwards is back with the New York Jets, a development that he is surprised by. Now the question is whether he is healthy and productive enough to help the team.

Braylon Edwards
Braylon Edwards
Al Bello

Braylon Edwards is admittedly surprised to be back in a New York Jets' uniform. Edwards said Thursday he "thought there was no way" he would ever wear Jets' green and white again.

"I figured with last year's season and kind of how it went and this offseason, me rehabbing and getting after it and putting it out there on Twitter how good rehab was going, to not get a phone call or an invite to come in and work out and see what was going on, that was when I just mentally (thought), ‘Alright, it's not going to happen. Let's move on and get myself prepared for other situations.' That was kind of when I was done with it. After the tweet, it was like, ‘Yeah I burnt that bridge.' "

'The tweet,' of course, is when Edwards referred to the Jets' organization as "idiots." He said he has apologized to the organization for that.

"It was a statement that was made at the heat of the moment. You know how that goes. We've moved past that and I'm here and I'm ready," Edwards said.

Jets' coach Rex Ryan is hopeful that Edwards, who caught only eight passes with the Seattle Seahawks in 10 games this season, will be able to contribute Monday against the Tennessee Titans as the Jets try to keep their flickering playoff hopes alive.

"I think he can. That's why we brought him in. Obviously we feel good about it, the kind of player he is. As I mentioned before, he does have some chemistry with the quarterback (Sanchez). He's familiar with him," Ryan said. "The system may be different, but I think he's a smart guy. I think he learns quickly (and) I think he'll pick it up quickly. We'll see how much he can help us."

Can Edwards turn back the clock to the 53-catch form he had when he was last in New York in 2010? With only Jeremy Kerley (52 catches) as a consistent threat on the outside it certainly doesn't hurt the Jets to find out.