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Braylon Edwards back with the Jets -- for better or worse

Braylon Edwards is returning to the Jets
Braylon Edwards is returning to the Jets
Thearon W. Henderson

Braylon Edwards is back with the New York Jets, as the team today claimed the veteran wide receiver off waivers.

SB Nation's Gang Green Nation is hardly all fired up by the move:

While I don't see much sense in this move outside of nostalgia, I also don't think it's a move that suddenly makes the Jets much less likely to make the Playoffs.

It's important to temper your expectations, though. I think Rex Ryan got through to Edwards in a way no other coach has, but Braylon is not the same player he was even two years ago. He's looked like a guy who is lucky to be in the NFL. If he was still the 2010 Braylon Edwards, he wouldn't be available at this point. There isn't much to suggest he's any better than the other receivers the Jets have on the roster.

The 2010 Edwards caught 53 passes for the Jets. The 2012 Edwards, now 29, caught just eight passes in 10 games for the Seattle Seahawks before being waived.

Another fine Jets blog, 'Turn On The Jets,' also does not seem to be thrilled by the move:

Considering that Edwards publicly called the Jets front office "idiots" only a couple weeks ago, this move shows just how desperate people in the front office are to make sure this team finishes strong. Rex Ryan was always a fan of Edwards but Mike Tannnebaum (who is deservedly on the hot seat and should be fired) certainly can’t be and still pulled the trigger on this move. Regardless, the move makes sense from a football perspective and is certainly better than just bringing Jason Hill or Patrick Turner back another time, right? So let’s enjoy that and hope for the best.

Maybe Ryan can get something out of Edwards the last couple of weeks of the season. I guess you can say that at least the Jets are trying.