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AFC Playoff Picture: Don't say 'playoffs' to Jets' Rex Ryan

New York Jets' coach Rex Ryan doesn't want to talk about the Jets' playoff chances.

Rex Ryan
Rex Ryan
Sam Greenwood

Playoffs? Rex Ryan didn't go all Jim Mora on Monday, but he definitely does not want to talk about the New York Jets and their now revived playoff chances.

"I’m not going to guarantee a playoff spot if that’s what you mean. I think part of that is, look, the fact that we’re one game under .500, I think you’re probably not in the playoff conversation. So, to me, we just need to keep our head down and keep winning games," Ryan said. "We know the only way we can affect it is to win our games and then we’ll see what somebody tells us."

The 6-7 Jets find themselves only one game behind the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals in the fight for the final AFC wild-card spot. The Jets have a cupcake schedule the rest of the way. They face the 4-9 Tennessee Titans this weekend, and have the 5-8 San Diego Chargers and Buffalo Bills to close out the season.

"I’m not worried about anything else but finding a way to beat Tennessee," Ryan said. "Our position is simple - we have to beat Tennessee, so I’m not really focused on anything else."

The Jets are currently 1-point underdogs to the Titans. If they can find a way to win that game, though, maybe Ryan will be more willing to discuss playoff chances over the final two weeks of the regular season.

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