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Jets vs. Jaguars, Week 14: Jets fans say a 'win is a win'

The Jets won their second straight game, but New York fans aren't saying the ship has been righted just yet.


With their 17-10 win against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, the New York Jets won their second straight game and improved to 6-7. Still, despite the win, Jets fans aren't ready to declare the turnaround complete.

SB Nation's Jets blog, Gang Green Nation, recapped Sunday's victory but noted the back-to-back wins are more of a product of New York's schedule rather than the Jets playing very well. The Jets went down to the wire with one of the worst teams in the NFL, a week after barely squeaking by a struggling Arizona team.

Another week, another win over suspect competition. Three more of these and the Jets might somehow make the Playoffs. I guess that is something to celebrate, but it sure looks more like this run is about playing bad teams than it is about the team genuinely getting better.

New York did some things well on Sunday, including an improved performance from the offensive line, but there are still plenty of issues. Mark Sanchez continued to struggle and as as result the offense wasn't able to get much going. Gang Green Nation also noted a few curious personnel issues by Rex Ryan and the coaching staff.

Still, despite it all, the Jets were able to get another much-needed victory and could still sneak into the postseason.