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Rex Ryan: At 3-5, Jets face 'huge task'

Otto Greule Jr

A 3-5 record for most teams means they will likely be sitting at home in January watching the NFL playoffs take place. The New York Jets though, are not ready to throw in the towel, as players like cornerback Antonio Cromartie have come out this week and said they expect to make the playoffs.

"We know the task is a huge task in front of us, " head coach Rex Ryan said. "Again, this is how the team thinks. We're down, but we're certainly not out. We have half of our season in front of us and we're attacking it with the mentality that we are going to make the playoffs. We are confident in ourselves."

If the Jets are to turn their season around and make the playoffs, they likely need to get a win this Sunday in Seattle, which is known as one of the toughest places to play in football. The Seahawks have yet to lose at home this year and the noise in the stadium makes it hard for the visiting team. To prepare, Ryan has been blasting music in practice to try and simulate the stadium conditions.

"You turn it up as loud as you can and it's brutal, as we all know standing out there," Ryan said. "But that's what we do. I think you try to get it to be as loud and as crazy and as hectic as you possibly can. Then, when you get there, the thing you can't simulate is how they're literally on top of you. That's something that you really can't get ready for."

The noise in the stadium makes it even harder to stop Seattle's explosive pass rush, with rookie Bruce Irvin and Chris Clemons coming off the edges. The noise in the stadium can make teams have to run the same cadence, which the pass rushers can then pick up and capitalize on.

"Sometimes, (if) teams can get a bead on your cadence, it really plays into that defense's hands," Ryan said. "They're built to rush the passer. They have two really explosive edge players and then they have some good pass rushers inside. Our focus has to be so tight (and) so detailed that we don't allow it to effect the game or control the game."

The Seahawks offense is built on their running game, led by Pro Bowl running back Marshawn Lynch. The past few weeks though, they have gotten improved quarterback play from the 5-foot-10 rookie Russell Wilson, which has made this offense quite threatening.

"This guy (Wilson), he has escapability," Ryan said. "He's smart. He tries to find throwing lanes. He doesn't have a whole lot of passes batted (down). They move the pocket with him. They do different things with him and he has a high release."