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Rex Ryan: Jets' coach backs Antonio Cromartie guarantee

New York Jets' coach Rex Ryan backed Antonio Cromartie's playoff guarantee, saying "we should all feel like that."

Rex Ryan.
Rex Ryan.
Jared Wickerham

New York Jets' coach Rex Ryan was not making any boasts or promises on Thursday. He did, however, back cornerback Antonio Cromartie, who earlier Thursday guaranteed the Jets would make the playoffs.

"I think obviously at 3-5 you’re not where you want to be, but this team believes that we can right the ship and we’re going for it," Ryan said. "We should all feel like that. I think we do feel like that. Nobody wants to hear it but who cares? That’s really how we feel. That’s our mentality.

"We’re not happy with where we are with the 3-5 record. We know it’s tough to get into the playoffs, especially when you back yourself up with that 3-5 record. Again, we’re going to keep swinging until they tell us we’re out. All of us, in my opinion, believe we can make it."

The Jets are on the road Sunday against the 5-4 Seattle Seahawks. Seattle is 4-0 this season at Century Link Field, including victories over the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots.

"It’s about as tough of a venue as there is to play in the National Football League," Ryan said.

The Jets are currently 6-point underdogs.