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Mike Tannenbaum: Jets' GM 'highly confident' team can improve

Mike Tannenbaum said that the New York Jets should improve in the second half, and that the 3-5 record of the team he assembled is not reflective of their play.

Jeff Zelevansky

Mike Tannenbaum, the New York Jets' general manager, thinks that the team could have a better record and will perform better in the rest of the year while possibly contending for a playoff berth.

Tannenbaum, who has been the Jets' GM since 2006, spoke about his 3-5 team in an appearance on the Mike Lupica Show. He said that if it wasn't for several critical fixable mistakes -- turnovers in the red zone by Mark Sanchez, for example -- the team would already have a better record. And looking forward, he thought the team would improve:

"I'm highly confident our record can be better in the second half," Tannenbaum said.

Tannenbaum also expressed his support for first-year offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, who has received criticism for the sub-par performance of the offensive unit, saying he was "impressed" with the assistant coach for his ability to handle setbacks. Tannenbaum said that his beliefs were "not blind faith or crazy talk", and that he based his opinions on the team on their performance in the first half, which he feels is not reflected in the record.

Tannenbaum's talk of a playoff berth isn't insane -- the team is only two games back of the division-leading New England Patriots -- but many have been disappointed with the team's play thus far, with some calling for Tannenbaum's firing.