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Tim Tebow to tight end? Gil Brandt says 'he's not an NFL quarterback'

Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow
Rich Schultz

Should Tim Tebow abandon trying to be an NFL quarterback and play a different position? Gil Brandt of thinks so.

Here is part of what Brandt wrote:

I just don't see how an NFL team, whether it's the Jets or someone else, can keep Tebow on the roster if he's contributing as little as he has at this point.

So where can he play? Well, I could see Tebow possibly succeeding as an H-back or a short-yardage fullback, but I would try him at tight end, where he can put his big hands to good use.

Tebow is an enigma, a talented football player whose best position has yet to be discovered. I do know one thing about him, though: He's not an NFL quarterback.

Thoughts, Jets fans? Would you like to see him at tight end? Maybe running back? Would you just like to see him playing for someone else?

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