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Mark Sanchez, Jets trying to forget last week

Mark Sanchez and the 4-7 Jets are trying to forget the embarrassment of their 49-19 loss to the New England Patriots on Thanksgiving night.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

The New York Jets had a chance to turn their season around against rival New England Patriots on national television Thanksgiving night. Instead, they turned the ball over four times in the second quarter and allowed the Patriots to score 35 in that quarter, the fourth most in NFL history.

"It's just really too bad that in that one quarter there were so many mistakes," quarterback Mark Sanchez said.

Some of the mistakes made in the game were painful to watch, including Sanchez's second-quarter fumble. While trying to slide, he ran straight into guard Brandon Moore and fumbled the football, which ended up being returned for a touchdown.

"It's the way it goes and it will probably be on a blooper reel for awhile," Sanchez said. "That's just part of playing. You play long enough and eventually a couple plays like that will happen. Just try to avoid them and move on."

Sanchez admittedly was embarrassed by the play.

"It's embarrassing because that's one you (messed) up the play and I'm trying to do the right thing," Sanchez said. "It's not like I'm trying to force something and I start to slide and I slide right in the worst spot I possibly could, right into Brandon Moore."

If the Jets have any hope to revive their season at 4-7, they need to win this week at home against the Arizona Cardinals, who also are struggling this year. To do that, Sanchez knows it's important to forget the disaster of the Patriots game.

"Last week, we've had more time than ever to let that one go," Sanchez said. "That's over and done with. We came in here, had a great practice on Monday (and) had another good one today (Wednesday). We have two more chances to really practice well and get ready for Sunday. Last week is over and done."