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Patriots vs. Jets, Week 12: New York's unlikely player of the game

Leading 14-0 and hoping to stop the Jets and try to extend their lead, the Patriots received a huge assist from Brandon Moore's bottom, which knocked Mark Sanchez to the ground and forced him to fumble, resulting in another New England touchdown.

Matt Sullivan

The New York Jets were blasted by the New England Patriots on Thanksgiving, 49-19. Understandably, Gang Green Nation's Scott Salmon didn't have a lot to say about the shellacking, but he did make one keen observation:

The Player of the Game? Brandon Moore's butt.

With the Jets down 14-0 in the second quarter, quarterback Mark Sanchez tried to run the ball straight up the middle on a first-and-10 play, but ended up running straight into the backside of offensive lineman Brandon Moore. Sanchez coughed up the football, and Patriots safety Steve Gregory scooped it up and ran uncontested into the end zone.


Jets kick returner Joe McKnight proceeded to fumble the ensuing kickoff, which was recovered by the Patriots' Julian Edelman and returned for a touchdown, further increasing the ineptitude.

By the end of the half, the Patriots had tacked on another touchdown, while the Jets were only able to muster a field goal. New England's 35-3 halftime lead predictably proved insurmountable for the Jets, who are now 4-7 on the season.