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Jets' injury report: Tim Tebow sits with fractured ribs

Tim Tebow dressed but did not enter the New York Jets' Thursday night game despite a lopsided scoreline due to fractured ribs.


Tim Tebow dressed, but never played a snap Thursday night in the New York Jets' embarrassing 49-19 loss to the New England Patriots, leaving the wishes of the unhappy MetLife Stadium crowd unanswered. Turns out that Tebow's fractured ribs made him little more than an emergency quarterback Thursday.

"As the week went on, it seemed to get progressively worse. He practiced and things, but a couple (of) days ago, I noticed him and could tell he was hurt. His breathing was a little different. I was standing there and I was like, ‘I’m not going to play this kid.’ I wouldn’t play my son in that kind of situation," Ryan said. "To Tim’s credit, he wanted to be there for his team. There is no doubt. If you left it up to him, he was going to play. I was like, ‘Look, if we absolutely have to have him to win a football game or whatever, then we may consider it.’ But to me, that would be the only way that we were going to play Tim, the only way I was going to play him."

Asked if he could have played, Tebow said "I don't know." So, why was Tebow active and third-string quarterback Greg McElroy inactive if Tebow really could not play?

"All through the week, he (Tim) practiced as the backup quarterback. The thought did go through my mind to possibly deactivate him. When he came out here, he felt that if he had to go, he could get it done. That was my decision," Ryan said.

Ryan, as he has repeatedly throughout the season, that Mark Sanchez will remain the team's starting quarterback.

"Mark…he had a 94 quarterback rating. I thought Mark threw the ball well. The obvious interception, the defensive back, they did a great job with disguising the coverage. You show a ‘Cover 5’ what we call it, a Cover 2 basically, then he robs the post when the eyes come off," Ryan said. "The young man did a great job. Again, Mark will be the starting quarterback this week and we’ll go from there."

NOTES: Wide receivers Clyde Gates and Chaz Schilens each suffered head injuries.