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Rex Ryan says 'core beliefs' remain unchanged


New York Jets coach Rex Ryan does not brag quite as much or predict Super Bowl titles the way he did when he first became the team's head coach four seasons ago. He said Tuesday, however, that his "core beliefs" have remained the same despite the various controversies and questions surrounding his 4-6 team.

"Obviously, the results are, there’s that fine line, well you have to change something or how do you expect there to be change? Yet, your core beliefs are what they are and that’s what’s driven me my whole career that I totally believe in. But are there things that you do through experience that you learn from that add to those core beliefs? I think there (are). And this is an experience that we’re going through right now," Ryan said. "I’ve been around football all my life, but you’ve never been in this chair. They say you can’t buy experience and I believe that’s the truth. But I think right now, I’m more comfortable in this role as a head coach."

If the Jets lose Thursday and fall to 4-7, putting their season in a position to spiral out of control it's fair to wonder if that chair Ryan sits in will belong to someone else next season.