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Eli Manning tells Mark Sanchez to 'grind through it'

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning expressed his support for New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.


New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning expressed his support for struggling New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez in an interview with Bob Glauber of Newsday, which was published on Wednesday night.

With Sanchez coming under fire for his play this season, the calls from fans and media alike have increasingly grown for backup quarterback Tim Tebow to take over as the team's starting quarterback. Manning has been aware of the situation and stated that he roots for Sanchez in addition to having a sense of relation in regards to learning how to play quarterback in the NFL.

After displaying bright spots early in his career, Manning struggling in his fourth year, notably in a 41-17 loss against the Minnesota Vikings where he threw four interceptions. Following two victories in the Super Bowl and that rough period is all but a distant memory.

Manning hopes that Sanchez will continue to work and won't get discouraged by the difficulty of this time, via Newsday:

"It's just part of football. You have good years, you have bad years. His first two years, you go to the AFC Championship games, last year missed the playoffs but they were not far off. So that's what it's about. Every year is not going to be perfect. Every year there are going to be tough times. It's about getting through those tough ones and finding ways to win some close games. You just grind through it. That's all you can do."