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Tim Tebow trade: Jets, Jaguars deny reported talks

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Despite recent reports, it doesn't appear the New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars are talking about a Tim Tebow trade.

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

The New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars are both denying there has been any talk regarding a trade for quarterback Tim Tebow, according to

Tebow, of course, is a media darling and has been bantered about considerably all season with the continued struggles of Mark Sanchez and the Jets' offense. However, head coach Rex Ryan has stuck with Sanchez, leaving Tebow mostly on the bench.

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Jacksonville still has second-year quarterback Blaine Gabbert out of Missouri running the show, but things don't seem to be working out with him to this point. The youngster has been underwhelming, leaving the Jaguars without much stability at the position.

Since Jacksonville is also struggling to sell tickets, many pundits see Tebow as a way for the Jaguars to bring some more fans into the stadium while creating competition at the quarterback spot.

The trade deadline is Thursday, pushed back two days by Hurricane Sandy.