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Jets' Rex Ryan: 'How the heck do we get better?'

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan calls on his entire coaching staff to come up with improvements for the 3-5 Jets during bye week.

Jared Wickerham

With the New York Jets going into their bye week after a 30-9 loss to the Miami Dolphins, head coach Rex Ryan is calling on his entire staff for suggestions on how the team can improve.

"I want thoughts from every coach on this staff. Not just the coordinator, not just whoever, I want it from everybody," Ryan said Monday morning. "You're sitting back there going 'How the heck do we get better?' We have to get better. ... Is it a little change? Is it a radical change? I'm up for any suggestion. We have to get better."

One thing Ryan has maintained he won't do is change quarterbacks from Mark Sanchez to Tim Tebow.

The Jets are 3-5 on the season and last in the AFC East. They have lost their past two games heading into the Week 9 bye.

Ryan said that, in part due to Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the East Coast, the Jets' players will have a full seven days off during the bye week, but the coaches will meet sooner during the week.

New York returns to game action on Nov. 11 when they go on the road to face the Seattle Seahawks.