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Dolphins vs. Jets 2012: Jets 'undisciplined, inconsistent, and maddeningly frustrating' in big loss

Almost nothing went right for the New York Jets in a blowout 30-9 loss to the Miami Dolphins, leading to calls for Mark Sanchez to be benched going forward.

Alex Trautwig

The New York Jets were never close in a blowout loss to the Miami Dolphins, losing 30-9 in a game where the Jets were clearly the lesser team on offense, defense, and most obviously, special teams.

Miami recovered a surprise onside kick, blocked a punt and returned it for a touchdown, then blocked a field goal, producing roughly as much offense in the third phase of the game as the Jets did on offense. The loss was extremely frustrating for a Jets team that looked like it had turned things around after some ugly games earlier in the season, as Jets blogger Scott Salmon wrote at Gang Green Nation in his postgame recap. He compared the effort to the off-field actions of a certain former Jets receiver:

Throughout the game, the New York Jets continually Plaxico'd themselves in the foot, leg, and face. I don't say that to mean the Dolphins didn't earn this win, or that the Jets handed it to them. They earned it, fair and square. But what we witnessed today was, on the Jets side, an undisciplined, inconsistent, and maddeningly frustrating team.

Salmon decided that he has finally made the swap over to the camp that believes Mark Sanchez should be benched. Although he acknowledges that Tim Tebow and Greg McElroy aren't likely to be much better, he thinks there's not much room for improvement with Sanchez and that it might be time to look for better options:

Sanchez was horrific. Horrible. Horrifying. Horrendous. Hideous. Heinous. You get the idea. I'm over-exaggerating a bit for emphasis, but I think it's time we put the Sanchez debate to bed. John B. said it best when it looks like Sanchez will never be more than a good backup, but a bad starter. What magic he had in his first two seasons, when he was running around and throwing bombs and having fun, is gone.

The Jets have a bye week to fix the many problems on display on the field Sunday before facing Seattle in Week 10.