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Jets vs. Dolphins: Mark Sanchez tries to remain upbeat despite blowout loss

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While New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez was frustrated by the team's 30-9 loss to the Miami Dolphins, he also tried to keep a positive outlook.


Mark Sanchez's struggles continued on Sunday, as the New York Jets were blown out 30-9 at home by the Miami Dolphins. Sanchez completed 28-of-54 passes for 283 yards and one touchdown. He also threw an interception and lost a fumble.

After the game, Sanchez echoed coach Rex Ryan's frustrations about the poor performance after an excellent week in practice (via

"I thought we had a great effort during the week. It was probably one of our best weeks of practice. And that's probably the most frustrating part of today. It just didn't translate to the field, in all phases. Speaking from the offensive side, we didn't get it going early, we just sputtered around there for a while. It was really too bad."

The continued poor performance of Sanchez will only increase the number of calls for backup quarterback Tim Tebow. But Sanchez's confidence is unwavering, and he tried to spin things in a positive light:

"There's light at the end of the tunnel. There's a lot of positive guys in our locker room. We just have to keep believing in it, weather the storm - literally and figuratively - these next few days and weeks. So, just stay positive. Really stay positive."

Sanchez and the Jets will have several weeks to work out their issues, as they have a bye in Week 9. Things won't get much easier when they return to the field in Week 10, with a road trip up to CenturyLink Field in Seattle to face the Seahawks staring them straight in the face. The Seahawks boast one of the NFL's best defenses.