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Tony Sparano: 'I can do a better job' using Tim Tebow

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Offensive coordinator Tony Sparano believes he can do a better job of using backup quarterback Tim Tebow.


New York Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano stated on Friday that he could do a better job of using backup quarterback Tim Tebow.

Sparano admitted that he could call more passing plays for Tebow in order to keep defenses guessing about what the offense is going to do when in the wild cat package. To this point in the season, Tebow has only attempted three passes, completing two of them.

The offensive coordinator explained that when starting quarterback Mark Sanchez has a hot hand and is getting into the rhythm of the game, it's difficult to call a passing play for Tebow. In total, Tebow has had 25 touches for the Jets over the course of seven games. This has led some to state that Sparano doesn't yet understand how to use Tebow.

He doesn't agree with that assessment, via the New York Post:

"No, I think I have a pretty good feel on how to use him and how to use him best. I don't think I'm still trying to figure that out. I was born on a day, but not yesterday. That one there, I figured that out. I feel like I have a good answer on how to use him best.''

The Jets will face the Miami Dolphins in Week 8.