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Bart Scott injury: Consecutive game streak in jeopardy

Jets linebacker Bart Scott has played in 119 straight games but, with a lingering toe injury, that streak could be coming to an end.


In his last 119 consecutive contests, Bart Scott hasn't missed a single one. But with a hyper-extended big toe still ailing the New York Jets linebacker, the streak could be snapped.

Scott missed two days of practice this week, as the Jets prepared for the Miami Dolphins. Week 3 in Miami is when Scott initially injured the toe on his right foot, and it's been hampering him since. In last Sunday's loss to the New England Patriots, Scott was on the field for only nine plays.

Recently, Scott described the injury, saying "It's tough. It's like losing a thumb on your hand. Everything you do comes off of your big toe. It's just one of those things.

"I've always prided myself on being able to have a high tolerance to play through things. I just want to show my teammates that I'm willing to bite down and continue to play and do what I can to help us win."

"With a toe (injury), it's hard to push off. Basically what you're talking about is turf toe, ligament damage and capsule strains," Scott said of how the injury has affected his play. "When you talk about running on your toe that's not all the way in the socket and not loosened, swollen and wearing an extra-large shoe (it's not easy)."