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Tim Tebow voted 'most overrated' by NFL players

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In a Sports Illustrated NFL players poll, New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow was voted the most overrated in the NFL, commanding 32 percent of the vote.


New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow was voted the 'most overrated' player in the NFL in a Sports Illustrated player poll. Tebow was voted to the top spot with 34 percent of 180 NFL players voting. Tebow took the top spot in the same poll last season while with the Denver Broncos with 22 percent of the players voting for him.

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The man starting at quarterback in front of Tebow, Mark Sanchez was tied with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo in second place with eight percent each. It's the third straight season that Sanchez has been voted in the top three of this Sports Illustrated poll.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick received four percent of the vote to place at No. 4 and Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis rounded out the top five with three percent. The magazine said that 48 players received at least one vote, including two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning of the New York Giants.