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Jets react to loss to Patriots

The New York Jets were disappointed following a tough loss to a divisional rival, although Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez felt the team showed good effort in the 29-26 loss.

Nick Laham

The New York Jets came close against the New England Patriots, pushing their division rivals to overtime despite a double-digit deficit heading into the fourth quarter, but lost by a field goal in overtime - something that didn't sit well with the team or its head coach in their post-game press conferences.

Rex Ryan praised his team's effort, but noted that his team "made too many mistakes" and "didn't get it done":

Shoot, We knew it was going to be a dogfight, there's no question about it. I tell you it just stinks being on this end of it.

For quarterback Mark Sanchez, the disappointing loss came down to a lack of execution:

It stings. It really stings. We said it, early in the week, we can't kick field goals against this team. You've got to get seven points. We came up short a couple of times and missed some opportunities.

Both quarterback and coach agreed that the team had a good showing in the loss against the team now alone in first place in the AFC East, but that good performance wasn't reflected in the result.

To watch the full comments by both Ryan and Sanchez, click here.