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Jets vs. Patriots: Rex Ryan says Bill Belichick is the better coach

Jets coach Rex Ryan said that Patriots coach Bill Belichick is better than he is at this point in their careers.

Jim Rogash - Getty Images

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan might be obsessed with defeating the AFC East rival New England Patriots. And he is prone to the outrageous statement. He is not, however, foolish enough to tug on Superman's cape.

Ryan said Wednesday that he believes New England's Bill Belichick is the better coach.

"When I look at him (Coach Belichick), I see him as the best coach in the league. I've said that from the day I took the job, but again, he's going to get my best. If it was just between Belichick and me, he's going to win that battle. I recognize that. It's not going to be by a lack of effort on my part. He's going to get everything I've got," Ryan said.

"Like I said before many times, maybe he struggles one day, then something happens and he's sick or I don't know, maybe I'll get him. I don't know. I look at it as you want to compete against the very best. Maybe I'm crazy or whatever, which it's not even debatable, but I have dreams about what I want to achieve. I want to compete against the very best. I'm not worried about competing with somebody down here, I want to compete against the guy that's up here. That's eventually where I want to get one day. If I'm fortunate enough to get there, that'd be great. Maybe people (will) want to compete against me the same way. That'd be terrific."