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Jets QB Mark Sanchez lauds Shonn Greene, offensive line after Week 6 win

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New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez was very pleased with the play of the offense after the Jets' 35-9 win over the Indianapolis Colts in Week 6.

Nick Laham - Getty Images

The New York Jets got a much-needed win on Sunday, moving to 3-3 after smashing the Indianapolis Colts, 35-9. Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez was very pleased with the performance of the offense, which has really struggled at times this season:

"It was just a good start for us in the run game, finally got that going. I couldn't be happier for the guys upfront, and for Shonn Greene for really putting forth a great effort these last couple of weeks in practice first. Then, having all that come to fruition here in a game, it's great. That was just awesome to see. Big holes to run through, great blocks up front. (Nick) Mangold started his 100th game I heard. That's awesome, that's really fun. Shonn had a career day, so that's great."

The aforementioned Shonn Greene rushed for a career-high 161 yards three touchdowns on the day. Greene's 161 yards was part of a 252-yard barrage by the Jets on the ground.

Sanchez admitted it was a big game for the Jets, and emphasized how much work the offense put in at practice during the week. All that extra work was really beneficial for the offensive line:

"This was a good team when it came to stunting, the Colts. They did plenty of stunts up front, so I thought our guys handled that well. They really watched the film together. This week they put in a lot of work with (Offensive Line Coach Dave DeGuglielmo). That was important for us to put in the work, to see exactly the technique that they needed. Then, to come do it on the field, that gives them a lot of confidence in their coach and in our scheme, so that was perfect."

The Jets' offense got a boost with the returns of wide receiver Shaun Hill and Dustin Keller, but Sanchez, who only threw for 82 yards on the day, noted there was a focus all week to get the running game going. And once Greene started having so much success, there was no reason not to keep feeding the beast.

The Jets will look to build off this momentum next Sunday against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium.