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Santonio Holmes injury update: X-rays negative, but Jets await word on MRI results

Jets head coach Rex Ryan indicated that X-rays on Santonio Holmes injured left foot were negative, but that they're still awaiting word on an MRI and it's unlikely the wideout plays against the Texans.

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While the Jets are still trying to figure out the exact injury to the left foot of Santonio Holmes, head coach Rex Ryan did confirm on Monday that X-rays were negative. Holmes injured his foot in the fourth quarter during the Jets blowout loss to the 49ers, instantly crumpling to the turf and fumbling the ball. He was carted off the field for what looked like a very serious injury.

Ryan stated on Monday that the good news is there's no broken bone, but the Jets medical staff is still waiting to determine the results of an MRI. "As far as Santonio coming back, we got good news that the X-rays were negative. The MRI, we're having shipped to different places and all that type of stuff, so I'm not sure how many weeks he's going to be out (or) the real extent of that injury," Ryan said. "We just know the X-rays were negative, so I think that's good news."

While there was some good news, Ryan would elaborate later and say that it would "obviously take some time" for Holmes to return. The seventh-year wideout from Ohio State is the top target for Mark Sanchez, and his loss would be a big blow to an offense already struggling to find rhythm. While Ryan would not confirm whether it was a lisfranc injury, he did say it's likely Holmes will be out against the Texans. "The MRI, again, they're shipping it out to different people and things like that. Obviously, it looks doubtful for this week, but further than that, I'm not sure."

Ryan did not clarify when final results of the MRI would be available.