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NHL Power Rankings 2011, Week 2: Islanders, Devils Soar; Rangers Fall

It's that time of the week again for NHL Power Rankings, Week 2 edition. While the first week Real Clear Sports aggregated averages slotted the New York-area teams at the bottom-third of the rankings, this week saw two of them make some nice headway up the 'standings.'

Since the first installment, the New York Islanders have won two games, against a team that made it to the Eastern Conference finals last season, the Tampa Bay Lightning, and the New York Rangers. The Blueshirts, on the other hand, played just one game -- the loss -- in 'Week 2,' thus their latest 4-2 against the Vancouver Canucks is not factored in here. Real Clear Sports compiled this list Oct. 18. The New Jersey Devils also were a perfect 2-0, with two shootout victories against the Los Angeles Kings and Nashville Predators.

As a result of their two tallies in the win column, the Islanders jumped from No. 23 to 10, while the Devils vaulted up to No. 11, from the 24 spot. As expected, the Rangers slid from No. 21 to 26 ... but had their 4-0 win Tuesday night been considered, they would've probably been a mid-tier team in the rankings.

Among the three teams, the Isles had the lowest single rating, the sixth spot from ESPN. The Islanders and Devils will have three opportunities to continue their ascendence up the rankings from now until the next update. Including the win Tuesday night, the Blueshirts will have four chances to try to join -- or possibly even pass -- their NY-area hockey neighbors.