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New York Islanders

48-game NHL season to start Jan. 19

The NHL season will start Jan. 19, with the New York Rangers and Islanders likely to find out their full schedule within the next two days and start training camps within a week.

Hopes dashed, NHL labor talks hit another impasse

Negotiations have stalled yet again after it seemed like a resolution was near. Now it's back to square one.

League, union will meet Monday as lockout drags on

Despite commissioner Gary Bettman's suggestion to take a two-week break from negotiations, the two sides will get together.

CBA talks will continue for fourth straight day

The fact that negotiations will resume and neither side has released much information is a good sign that negotiations are serious.

Owners, players will finally meet again Tuesday

There's a sliver of optimism as the league has reportedly made concessions on its make-whole provision.

Can the Islanders return to glory in Brooklyn?

More NHL games lost, more frustration builds

The NHL on Friday canceled games through Nov. 30. The two sides don't have any meetings scheduled and it looks as if this lockout could get uglier before it gets any better.

DiPietro's contract ranks as one of NHL's worst

Paul Grant at ranked some of the NHL's worst contracts, and it's no shock that New York Islanders goaltender Rick DiPietro made the list.

Islanders to Brooklyn move made official

The New York Islanders will move to Barclays Center in 2015. The team signed a 25-year lease in Brooklyn.

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Islanders announce move to Barclays Center

The Islanders won't fit their name for much longer, as the team is moving from Uniondale to Brooklyn in 2015.

Islanders will keep name after Brooklyn move

The New York Islanders won't be changing names anytime soon.

Report: Islanders moving to Brooklyn in 2015

The Islanders won't fit their name for much longer, as the team is reportedly moving from Uniondale to Brooklyn in 2015.

Time is running out on saving full NHL season

With no talks scheduled and a league-imposed Oct. 25 deadline to save the full season, it's looking likely that at a minimum there will be a shortened campaign, if there's one at all.

NHL owners make proposal to save 82-game season

Commissioner Gary Bettman and the owners on Tuesday made a proposal to the Players' Association that would preserve the 82-game season and calls for a 50-50 split in hockey-related revenue. The hope is that this prompts serious negotiating.

NHL talks resume Tuesday, plus player updates

The NHL and Players' Association are due to meet Tuesday and could begin to moving toward the main issues. Plus, updates on the New York-area local players in Europe and AHL.

NHL lockout 2012: Games called off through Oct. 24

The NHL canceled the first two weeks of the regular season, as a new CBA agreement between the owners and NHLPA remains far from completion.

What are Rangers, Devils, Islanders up to?

With the lockout already over two weeks old, many of the locals have gone to Europe to play and some of the younger players have been sent to the minors. We take a look at who is where.

NHL TV Schedule: League Announces 2012-13 Broadcasts

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NHL Free Agency 2012, New York Islanders: Not Likely To Make Big Splash

NHL Free Agency 2012, New York Islanders: Not Likely To Make Big Splash