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Week 2 NFL Picks: Buccaneers Vs. Giants

The New York Giants are overwhelming favorites against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, hoping they don't fall into another trap as they did against the Dallas Cowboys.

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The last thing the New York Giants want to see is an across-the-board consensus that they should win on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: they had that against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1, and now they're 0-1.

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But that's what they have, as experts from every major site expect a win from the Super Bowl champions over the Buccaneers. Here's what Joel Thorman had to say in his Week 2 NFL Picks:

Eli Manning and the Giants' offense will take an early lead, which will lead to Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul pinning their ears back and making Josh Freeman's life miserable.

The Pick: 30-20, Giants

The Giants were the pick of all 12 pickers at ESPN, all eight at CBS, both at Yahoo, and all six at USA Today. The Giants were also the pick from ESPN and CBS' prediction algorithms as well as the majority of pickers in pools at both ESPN and Yahoo, all of which were also the case in Week 1.

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