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Martellus Bennett Fat? Don't Tell Him That!

Go ahead. Call New York Giants tight end Martellus Bennett 'fat.' All 291 pounds of Martellus dares you to do just that.


↵↵Giants tight ends coach Mike Pope caused a stir last week when he suggested that Bennett, signed as a free agent during the offseason, had injured a hamstring partially because he weight 291, up from the approximate 270 he played at last season for the Dallas Cowboys. The obvious thought -- Bennett was out of shape.


He begs to differ -- shorts and all.


"I'm looking like Atlas, not Professor Klump," he told reporters.


If you still think he's fat? Well, all 291 pounds of Bennett reminded reporters that "I'm one of the top 5 strongest guys on this team right now."


So, go ahead. Call him fat. At your own risk.