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New York Giants Mini-Camp 2012: Coach Tom Coughlin Has 'Every Confidence' In His Team

The 2012 regular season is still months away, but already Tom Coughlin is preaching confidence in the defending Super Bowl Champs.

The New York Giants head coach said he has "every confidence" in his team during a press conference on Thursday after the Giants concluded mini-camp, noting that last year can be used as a base on which to build.


"You are talking about the World Champions," Coughlin said. "There are changes; there is no doubt about that. But I like the way that our team responded and finished. You used the word - the season. And I have every confidence that they will come back just as inspired to want to play at their very best.

"The big key for our team is the bridging over of all of those values and virtues and principles that we carried forward from 7-7 on (last season). Just an example - in the playoffs we gave up an average of 14 points a game. You are going to win a lot of games if you can do that. We turned it over one time - you know the stats - you know the numbers. We averaged 116 yards rushing. We had multiple special teams plays that helped us win.

"If you play like that - my word is harmony, when we start talking about those kinds of things. If we play with harmony with all three phases like we are capable of, and we carry these things over, and we encourage these young guys to be a part of it, and we improve - there are multiple, multiple areas that we can improve in. If we can make considerable improvement in those areas, we will be representative."

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