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David Diehl DUI: New York Giants, Diehl Release Statements

The New York Giants and Giants offensive lineman David Diehl have both released statements following Diehl's arrest on Sunday for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The Giants statement read:

"Obviously we are aware of the situation, although we have not yet had a chance to discuss it with David. Since it is an ongoing legal matter, we will refrain from comment at this time, although we will say that David has been an outstanding representative of this organization for the past 10 years, and nobody knows more than David does what is expected of our players both on and off the field."

Diehl said:

"I've worked hard during my career to set a positive example, and yesterday I fell far short of this standard. I apologize to my family, my fans, the New York Giants, and the NFL. I made a poor decision that I sincerely regret, and, as always, take full responsibility for my actions."

Diehl was arraigned on Monday in New York on two counts of impaired driving. The judge ordered Diehl to be released but he must return to court on July 26. Diehl's license has been suspended.

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