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Prince Amukamara Injury Update: Cornerback 'Feels Great'

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New York Giants fans, who are crossing their fingers and hoping wide receiver Hakeem Nicks recovers quickly from his broken foot, should be interested in the progress of cornerback Prince Amukamara as well.

Amukamara suffered the same injury as Nicks did last season during training camp, and the broken bone did not heal as well as hoped. He underwent a procedure this offseason to promote further healing in the bone and ran on grass for the first time on Tuesday.

"It feels great,'' Amukamara said. "They just told me do some little stuff, run some sprints, do the figure eight to see if I felt any tenderness but I didn’t. Things are looking good right now.''

Amukamara did play in seven games at the end of last season, but the 2011 first-round pick did not play particularly well.

Giants' fans, familiar with foot injuries now with Amukamara and running back Ahmad Bradshaw, can only hope that Nicks heals quicker than Amukamara.