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New York Giants 2012 OTAs: Justin Tuck Believes Giants Can Be A Dynasty

New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck said recently that he would like to see the Giants, with two Super Bowl titles in five years, become a dynasty. Tuck did not back off that Wednesday following the team’s first on-field OTA of the 2012 offseason.

“Why wouldn’t I feel that way?” Tuck said. "I don’t need to be playing the game if I’m not thinking about winning a championship every year.

“I feel very confident in this team’s talent and in this coaching staff, and I believe we have that shot. Me saying it is that going to make it happen? Absolutely not, but we do have a shot at it.”

Tuck also spoke about teaching the young players coming to the team “Giants football.”

“We don’t care where you came from or what school you went to or what you did in college,” Tuck said. “That got you here, but now it doesn’t mean a thing. You have to adapt to playing football how we play it, and we’ve been successful doing it.”