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Tom Coughlin On Retirement: 'I Don't Wander Down That Path'

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin will turn 66 years old in three months, but still has no plans to retire in the near future.

Coughlin told the Florida Times-Union on Monday that he doesn't even think about giving up life as an NFL coach.

"I'm not mentally, not physically, ready [to retire]," said Coughlin, who played host to his 17th annual Jay Fund golf tournament Monday to benefit cancer-stricken families on the First Coast. "I feel I have good energy. I'm excited every day. The competitiveness, the nature of the business, is something that I'm still excited about. I don't wander down that path. I don't think about retirement. I enjoy the situation I'm in. I appreciate the backing I've received from [Giants] ownership and the way the players have responded to our program.

"I really don't feel any pull or tug in another direction. I look at it on a yearly basis. In our business, no matter how many years they give you on the contract, it's a one-year deal anyway."

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